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Under the Patronage of The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Prof. Dr. Nabeel abdulkadhim saheeb

Under supervision of Chancellor of Al-Qasim Green University

Prof. Dr. Hassan K. Al-Awady

The College of Environmental Sciences - Al-Qasim Green University Hold it's first international virtual conference on environmental science

From 15/12/2020 To 16/12/2020

Conference Chairman


Conference Topics

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Environmental Health Sciences
  • Green Chemistry: Friendly Sciences for Human and Environment
  • Energy Physics, Environment, and Food
  • Sustainable Development
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Management of Water Resources
  • Weather and Climate Change

Supervising Committees


Closing Session

Proceedings of the closing session of the first virtual international conference of the College of Environmental Sciences, 12/16/2020

With the start of the session of the second and last day of the first international virtual conference of environmental sciences (IVCES2020) at the college hall this morning, Wednesday, 12/16/2020, the Dean of the College, Assistant Professor Dr. Ameera Omran Hussain Al-Janabi, delivered a speech on the role and importance of the conference for specialized researchers participating in the research. The session was chaired by Prof. Dr. Atheer Saieb Naji and the rapporteur, Prof. Dr. Alaa K. H. Al-Khalaf, and included the scientific axes (Agricultural Sciences, Energy, Environment and Weather Physics), with the participation of (49) articles with a quarter-hour display time to present a summary of the results of each article. The Dean of the College highly appreciated the role and support of a Journal of IOP CONFERENCE PROCEEDING SERIES: EES in publishing accepted articles at the conference by submitting a publishing grant agreement with it. After that, the discussion was opened to the attendees at the end of the session who expressed their thanks and support for the establishment of this distinguished scientific forum, and Al-Janabi read the points of the recommendations approved by the conference, which will be an action plan for holding scientific conferences with wider international participation and attracting researchers from all environmental sciences specializations to benefit from experiences and cross-pollinate ideas and visions in order to develop the environmental reality of our country, and with this the conference was concluded with the participation of (60) specialized research by researchers from (5) countries, and summaries of the results of (12) research were presented in each session, with continuous media coverage of all its activities, and at the end of the conference Al-Janabi presented her high thanks and appreciation to the two chairman and the reporter of the sessions remotely throughout the conference, and their communication by organizing and presenting the research time and answering the questions of the attendees on the conference program and communicating with researchers, praising the quality of research and the diversity of interests of the topics presented, and thanks are extended to the two scientific assistants, Assistant Professor Dr. Riad Ali Akili, and Administrative Assistant Lecturer Zaid Abdul Zahra Al-Janabi. The organizers thank the dean of the college for her attendance and special interest throughout the conference days with expressed its high sense of scientific responsibility to affirm the great role of the College of Environmental Sciences in serving the community and the country and to adopt the conference slogan as a method for developing and improving the reality of the Iraqi environment and a guarantee for the society's well-being. As announced by the website of the college in an Arabic language .