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Under the Patronage of The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Dr. Naeem Abd Yaser Al-Aboudi

Under supervision of Chancellor of Al-Qasim Green University

Prof. Dr. Hassan K. Al-Awady


From 15/10/2023 To16/10/2023

The College of Environmental Sciences-Al-Qasim Green University hold it’s 3ND International Virtual Conference on Environmental Science (IVCES-2023)

Conference Topics

  • Environmental pollution and its treatment
  • Weather changes
  • Desertification and Dust Storms
  • Science and Environmental Health
  • Renewable Energy Sciences and Sustainable Development
  • Urban Planning and Remote Sensing
  • Environmental Felony Evidence
  • Chemistry Sciences, Biology, Physics
  • Agricultural Sciences
To participate, please read the notes below and fill out the following form
Deadline of paper submission: 1/10/2023
Notification of acceptance: 10/10/2023
  • The scientific research that will be accepted to be presented in the conference proceedings will also be published in a refereed peer-reviewed scientific journal belonging to the Scopus Publications after being written according to the paper writing style for the selected journal (details will be announced later soon).
  • Fees for participating in the conference 180$
  • Conference participation fees only: 25 US dollars
  • The amount of publication or participation must be paid directly to the college’s accounts and in dollars exclusively
  • Note that the research will be subject to evaluation by the journal, and in the event of rejection, the conference will not bear any responsibility, and the fees for publishing the research will not be returned to the researcher at all, according to the publishing agreement concluded with the journal.
  • Participating researches can be sent to the conference e-mail conference@environ.uoqasim.edu.iq
  • For inquiries and information, you can email the conference or call the following phones
  • Conference City: Campus of Al-Qasim Green University, Al-Qasim, Babylon, Iraq. 51013, 00964, Iraq